What format should my file be in?
Your file needs to be in PDF format. This ensures your layout is the same no matter what computer it's viewed on. Use our handy link to help convert your file to PDF.

How do I upload my Thesis to you?
There are 3 ways to get your Thesis to us for printing: 1. via our order form 2. by email (students@printsave.ie) 3. by USB. Simply drop into us.

Do you know the usual cover layout that my college requires?
We know most of the layouts - check our guide. However, it’s best to check if you’re unsure, and we can then cater for your needs.

Can I customise my Thesis?
Of course. Get in touch with students@printsave.ie for any requests.

Can I have my Thesis printed double sided?
Of course. Make sure that your file is formatted for double sided printing and select the option on the order form, or include in your email to us.

Can you type/proof-read my Thesis?
Unfortunately not - so make sure you’ve checked it thoroughly before sending it over.

I’ve left it last minute. Do you have a rush service?
Of course. This is subject to availability, so email students@printsave.ie to check.

What are my payment options?
You can pay on collection. We accept all major credit cards.

I don’t live in Dublin - can I order online and get my Thesis delivered?
Yes, this is possible. We can organise delivery by courier or An Post.

Do you know what cover/layout my college requires?
We know most of the requirements for the main Irish colleges, but in some cases there is no standard layout or different layouts for different courses. It's always best to double check with your college if you're unsure. We can then cater for your requirements.

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Need help setting up your PDF?

In order to process your thesis for printing and binding on this site you need to ensure that it is in a PDF format. Please use our recommended online PDF converter below. Once done please ensure you check your document to make sure it is to your satisfaction after conversion then proceed to upload to our site.

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